The Art of Living is here to inspire and facilitate human growth. I hope to take your eyes off of what our culture has set as the standard for success and instead have you focus on your own unique journey and look within.

Through this blog I hope to share my life and vision with my audience. I’d like to impart some knowledge and wisdom that I have gained over the years on how to take better care of ourselves. Once we learn to properly love God, we can then love ourselves well and in turn love on others and have a meaningful impact in the world.

I also hope to show my passion for the entertainment industry because it influences and shapes so much of our culture and our laws. My aim is for us to raise our standards as a society, not just for ourselves, but also for our youth. I hope to show that as a woman in the industry you can maintain a soft heart and still be just as tenacious as your counterparts in order to be successful in whatever field you choose to play in this life.

So come and walk with me as I share my own personal journey and in so doing I pray you will be inspired to reflect upon your own life, goals and purpose and ultimately entrust yourself to your Creator.


Paula ❤️

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